EMail Lists

MAD Mailman Mailing Lists

MAD Is in the process of converting from our previous NASA-maiintained mailing list to Google Groups. While the old lists are still functional, we might lose track of additions to the list at this time. If you want to be added to the new list, search gsfcmad on Google Groups or send me an email telling me what you want to join or drop and I'll take care of it.

Here is the info abou t the old lists.

NASA maintains an email server (sometimes called a "listserv") for MAD using the Mailman software.  Either of the following can be used as the address in the form

  • gsfc-mad:  intended for news about MAD and to inform our members about important club business such as calls for auditions, directors, ticket sales, and the like
  • gsfc-madopen:  can be addressed by anyone; the mad Mailman list can only be addressed by subscribers; used for auditions for other groups and other non-MAD, but theater-related mailings

Other show-specific lists are also often set up for communications among cast, orchestra, and crew.

Please don't abuse the lists.